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While each PDE5 inhibitor differs slightly, they’re very similar in treating erectile dysfunction. The primary worry concerning long-term ED treatment is whether it is secure to use the best ED pills for lengthy periods. Disadvantages of Avanafil: Shorter duration: The effects of avanafil typically last for about 6 hours, which may be shorter compared to other ED medications. Generally, the cost of generic ED medicines online is more than half the price of branded analogs. Those who don’t feel comfortable discussing ED with an in-person provider or lack time to visit a doctor’s office may find online ED prescriptions beneficial.AdSave Up To 80% On Prescription Medicines. Find The Lowest Prices At Local Pharmacies. Save Up To 80% On Prescription Medication. Get Free Card & App! (No Purchase Necessary)Popular Links: Arizona · Pennsylvania · California · Virginia · Louisiana · Nevada. Cost: Consultation prices vary based on the prescriber; $5 generic prescriptions Medical Consultation Required: Yes Medications Prescribed: Viagra, Cialis, . They’re often the first line of treatment for trouble getting or keeping an erection, called erectile dysfunction (ED). Oral medicines for ED usually work well and .

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